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Welcome to Southern Sydney Angiography

We are proud to introduce Southern Sydney Angiography, a state of the art interventional radiology unit!

Southern Sydney Angiography is an Interventional Radiology Service that operates in the St George Private Hospital. The three primary interventional radiologists are Dr William Clark, Dr Albert Goh and Dr Suresh de Silva. All are highly trained sub-specialists in Interventional Radiology procedures. We also work in close conjunction with the local vascular surgeons.

Our Practice Manager is Noelle Clark. We have six interventional radiology nurses, led by Trish Webb, the Nursing Unit Manager and two specialist receptionists-Virginia and Shannon.

Interventional radiology allows surgical types of procedures to be performed via skin punctures using x-ray guidance to "see" inside the body. Our equipment is a Phillips Allura Digital fluoroscope which provides "state of the art" imaging for our interventions. There is no wound or scar created - but just a tiny nick in the skin.

Some of the procedures that we specialise in are listed to the right.